Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Is God a Republican?

As we draw closer to November 6th, talk of the two candidates, their policies, and their views is enough to drive someone insane. Most of the campaign ads in themselves drive me insane but the most annoying is the support that Romney is getting from the Christian community. As a Christian I feel that we should vote for a man who has a relationship with Christ and furthermore is not afraid to let others know. Just for the record, Mormonism is not Christianity.  I was thinking just today, that it seems as though the Christians have given up their faith that God is in control. Since when does the political party in the White House dictate the power of God?  As if when there is a democrat in office, God cannot work and for God to work in our nation we must have a republican in office. This is ridiculous!
I like to think of Obama as the Pharaoh back in Moses’ time. Pharaoh was holding God’s children as slaves just as Obama is holding God’s nation as his own. God sent a man named Moses to deliver the people from Pharaoh and when Moses questioned his own ability to succeed, God showed Moses that with Him, he was more than capable. Moses went and stood before Pharaoh and commanded him to let his people go and Pharaoh laughed in his face. God showed His power and the people were freed. Moses didn’t run for office and take the throne as Pharaoh to accomplish God’s mission, he simply had faith that God was in control. We as Christians don’t need to support the non-christian, republican candidates and hope that he gets elected for change to take place. All we need to do is what God commands for His children to do; have faith, turn from our wicked ways, and pray for our leaders. If we did those things, God would work, no matter what president is in the oval office.
One of my convictions of America is how comfortable we are with abortion. This is why Romney is not God’s choice for this Country. I think it is safe to say that Obama is 100% in support of abortion. As a matter of fact he was a huge voice in the Partial Birth Abortion stand for Women’s rights. While many Christians have said that Romney is pro-life and against abortion, the truth is that he is only 70% against abortion. Romney’s stance is that all abortion will be illegal unless the pregnancy is from rape, incest, or poses threat to the mother. I feel that this is playing God. If Christians believe that God is in control of ALL things, then how can you say that you know better than God when it comes to destroying the life of a living being just because it’s not politically correct or in line with today’s society? Abortion is murder and those committing the act or allowing the act to take place should be tried and sentenced as murders. There is no grey matter here people! Abortion is 100% wrong, just as murder is 100% wrong!
This is just one reason why Romney is not the Christian’s knight in shining armor for our nation.
There is no doubt in my mind that Romney would be a better president for this nation than the current administration, but at what cost to the future of our Country? Do we continue to put God on the back burner while we keep trying to do His job for him? Or do we Christians put our faith back in God and allow him to be in Control? Before hitting the polls on November 6th, I urge you to pray diligently for God to work in our Nation! If we had faith like a mustard seed we could move mountains!
May God once again Bless America!

Written By: Bobby J Hughes / HPFirearms (c) 2012 - Use of this article is allowed with credit to http://hpfirearms.com where cited.

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