Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Joe Biden's "Chains" Comment Reality

So there has been a lot of media attention on Joe Biden's comment during a recent campaign speech about "putting y'all back in chains"...

First... who is y'all? Is he throwing racism out again or did he mean someone or something else. I have to assume that he is referring to Slavery... Just to bring it to light let me illustrate what we are looking at from the Obama Biden Campaign. This has nothing to do with the color of your skin, just the simple fact the your an American Citizen.

According to Merriam Webster the definition of Slave is "one who is submissive or subject to influence"

Now lets compare Pre Civil War Times to Today...

Pre Civil War: Slaves were allowed only the type and amount of food that their master wanted them to have.

Today: Americans are influenced by the Government to eat certain types of food. Our restaurants are told that they are not allowed to give free toys with happy meals and you are considered a terrorist threat if you and your family have more than a 3day food supply.

Pre Civil War: Education for a slave was dictated by their master so as to not become more educated than their master. In many cases slaves were only taught what was necessary to be a more proficient slave.

Today: The Federal Government dictates what the Public Schools are allowed to teach. Kids are brain washed into believing that without college you will never get a job. American Heritage, the Constitution, and the American Revolution are NOT taught.

Pre Civil War: Slaves were bought and sold like a piece of property. They were not allowed to make decisions on their own because their master knew what was best for them. As long as the master made all the decisions for them then there was no way for a slave to make the wrong decision.

Today: Society tells us that it's ok if you don't work. We'll give you an unemployment check, food stamps, and health care. All we ask for in return is that you sacrifice a few of your rights (ability to make your own decision).

So, as you can see Mr Biden, We the People are already in chains thanks to the current campaign. Let's pray that the next President will set us free once again. The next time you think that we live in a Free Country, I encourage you to drive your car without a seat belt, build a house without a permit, carry a gun without a license, or say the Pledge of Allegiance to the American Flag without removing the words Under God!

God will not bless a nation that does not honor him...


  1. Soo you saying you blogged intrigued me to look it up and read it word for word. Everything in this is 100% correct and completely true. Couldn't agree more.

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