Friday, August 24, 2012

Socialism At "Work"

I work in a very liberal part of the United States and dealing with the ignorance of the liberal mind is almost more than one can bare. They are so brain washed into believing that a socialist government is the best thing for America. While the idea of everyone being “equals” is a great idea in theory, the reality is that it will kill us from the inside out. We are already dealing with a pandemic of laziness in the current generation and allowing these socialist ideas to prosper and grow in our younger generation will just cause more laziness. If one is not bread and raised to work and earn their way then they will assume that someone owes them something for not doing anything… like it’s a right or something. Let me break it down barney style. When one decides they want to be a doctor, they realize that there will be a long road of expensive education, hours of interning, and years of building a practice. When you think of making a good living, you think of being a doctor. Doctors do make a good living but the good money is a return on the investment of everything I listed above. If we live in a socialist country then where is the return on investment?
Let’s look at one more scenario. Suppose you are a waiter or waitress at your favorite restaurant. We may all agree that it’s not the “dream” job and you’re not going to make tons of money, but it is a job and you are working to pay your bills. On your way in to work you notice a homeless man outside but you don’t really pay him any attention. Once you’re inside you realize that it’s a madhouse! This is a perfect day for you to work hard and make good tips for your hard work. As you start to finish up your first round of happy customers one of them tells you that you did a great job and they want to leave you a $20 tip… but instead of leaving you the tip for your work, the customer decides to give your tip to the homeless man outside. To make things even better, your boss catches you at the end of your long, hard shift and tells you that he is going to give half of your paycheck for the day to the homeless man outside… Crappy scenario huh? Well if you support socialism, this is what you can expect. If you think that laziness is a problem now, imagine what it would be like if we allow our Government to conform our nation to a Country of Socialism.
So, next time you want to complain about having to work, be thankful that you get to keep what you earn.
Written By: Bobby J Hughes / HPFirearms ©2012 – Use of this article is allowed with credit to where cited.

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