Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Good Obama

I’ve always been one who enjoys a good debate. The problem I tend to run into a lot is that most of the people in this area are liberals and aren’t educated enough to make a debate. Sure, they have college but they’re not truly educated, just brain washed and honestly I can’t figure them out. Just the other day I was having a discussion with one of my co-workers about my opinion on what would happen to our country if Obama get’s reelected, during our conversation one of my liberal co-workers (like most liberals) decided to chime in with his one cent. He said “Obama isn’t going to do that and your stupid if you think he is!” So in a calm reply I asked him a simple question, “Can you name one thing that Obama has done that has been good for our Country?” Like most liberals, he replied with a bunch of huh, uhhh, ummmm, oh HEALTH CARE REFORM! WHAT? Are you kidding me? I said GOOD thing! Anyway long story short, this guy is so ignorant and yet claims he minored in Constitutional Doctrine in college… Sounds like someone else I know…  After our discussion I went to Google Magic my way to finding an answer to my question.  Here is what I found.
Someone on Yahoo Questions had asked, “Can someone name five good things Obama has done?” Most of the answers were No, but one certain someone who thought she was smart, decided to be an over achiever and name 10. Check this out! (Red is her answer, Black is my response)
1. Passed Health Care Reform: After five presidents over a century failed to create universal health insurance, signed the Affordable Care Act (2010). It will cover 32 million uninsured Americans beginning in 2014 and mandates a suite of experimental measures to cut health care cost growth, the number one cause of America’s long-term fiscal problems.
NOT GOOD – This is just one of many unconstitutional acts that have been signed into law since 2008. Sure, the idea of a “Universal” health care system is great but the logic of forcing an American Citizen to pay for something they don’t want is unconstitutional. The number one cause of America’s long term fiscal problems is the fact that we have a pandemic of government aid moochers who don’t have to work because of this bill.

2. Passed the Stimulus: Signed $787 billion American Recovery and Reinvestment Act in 2009 to spur economic growth amid greatest recession since the Great Depression. Weeks after stimulus went into effect, unemployment claims began to subside. Twelve months later, the private sector began producing more jobs than it was losing, and it has continued to do so for twenty-three straight months, creating a total of nearly 3.7 million new private-sector jobs.
NOT GOOD – Most American’s don’t understand what a Stimulus is. Stimulus is a vicious circle of something that doesn’t exist. The government gives you money and calls it a stimulus and then they take the money back, therefore not keeping the money in the economy. So basically you’re spending invisible money and no one keeps it.

3. Passed Wall Street Reform: Signed the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act (2010) to re-regulate the financial sector after its practices caused the Great Recession. The new law tightens capital requirements on large banks and other financial institutions, requires derivatives to be sold on clearinghouses and exchanges, mandates that large banks provide “living wills” to avoid chaotic bankruptcies, limits their ability to trade with customers’ money for their own profit, and creates the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (now headed by Richard Cordray) to crack down on abusive lending products and companies.
NOT GOOD – The “financial sector” didn’t cause the Great Recession… because the financial sector doesn’t exist. The federal government does not deserve to have control over the private banking sector. If a bank lends money to a citizen then that becomes a contract between the Lender and the Borrower. There is no connection between the two parties and the Government.

4. Ended the War in Iraq: Ordered all U.S. military forces out of the country. Last troops left on December 18, 2011.
NOT TRUE – I still have friends in Iraq being killed in Action. Just because you change the name doesn’t mean that you end the war.

5. Began Drawdown of War in Afghanistan: From a peak of 101,000 troops in June 2011, U.S. forces are now down to 91,000, with 23,000 slated to leave by the end of summer 2012. According to Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta, the combat mission there will be over by next year.
NOT TRUE – Thousands of Soldiers still in Afghanistan. Sucks that it took him 4 years to half way accomplish something that he promised would be done within year one.

6. Eliminated Osama bin laden: In 2011, ordered special forces raid of secret compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan, in which the terrorist leader was killed and a trove of al-Qaeda documents was discovered.
NOT TRUE – Obama had no hand in the assignation of Bin Laden. It is on the record that the officials in the White House chose not to get him involved because they felt he would jeopardize the mission. Also, it wasn’t Special Forces, it was Navy Seals.

7. Turned Around U.S. Auto Industry: In 2009, injected $62 billion in federal money (on top of $13.4 billion in loans from the Bush administration) into ailing GM and Chrysler in return for equity stakes and agreements for massive restructuring. Since bottoming out in 2009, the auto industry has added more than 100,000 jobs. In 2011, the Big Three automakers all gained market share for the first time in two decades. The government expects to lose $16 billion of its investment, less if the price of the GM stock it still owns increases.
NOT GOOD – Notice the key phrase here “Injected $62 BILLION in federal money”… There is no such thing as federal money. This $62 Billion came straight out of the pockets of the American citizens to bail out a privately owned company. At what cost do we create new jobs? Jobs would exist with supply and demand. If the citizens had money to spend then the demand for workers would be there. If the Government would let the money stay with the people and quit giving away our money, there would be jobs for everyone X4.

8. Recapitalized Banks: In the midst of financial crisis, approved controversial Treasury Department plan to lure private capital into the country’s largest banks via “stress tests” of their balance sheets and a public-private fund to buy their “toxic” assets. Got banks back on their feet at essentially zero cost to the government.
NOT GOOD – Once Again… The federal government does not deserve to have control over the private banking sector. If a bank lends money to a citizen then that becomes a contract between the Lender and the Borrower. There is no connection between the two parties and the Government.

9. Repealed “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”: Ended 1990s-era restriction and formalized new policy allowing gays and lesbians to serve openly in the military for the first time.
NOT GOOD – Since when do we conform to society? The US Military is suppose to be the idol of professionalism amongst Citizens of both the US and Countries abroad. This did nothing but cause undue stress on our Military and once again degrade the morals on which our country was founded.

10. Toppled Moammar Gaddafi: In March 2011, joined a coalition of European and Arab governments in military action, including air power and naval blockade, against Gaddafi regime to defend Libyan civilians and support rebel troops. Gaddafi’s forty-two-year rule ended when the dictator was overthrown and killed by rebels on October 20, 2011. No American lives were lost.
NOT GOOD – How much did it cost for the US to step in to be the Big Brother of the World again? Not to mention, where was the Constitutional Declaration of War? Just because you’re the President doesn’t mean that you can do whatever you want.
The best solution to the problems in America is for the Government to get out of our business. Creating solutions that are unconstitutional become problems. While these answers to the problems sound good, at what cost do we hand over our liberty and freedom to the government?
Written By: Bobby J Hughes / HPFirearms © 2012 – Use of this article is allowed with credit to http://hpfirearms.com where cited.

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